I really enjoyed the article about Online writing partnerships for a couple of reasons, for one I think it’s pretty awesome that Dr. Nail helped to create such an enlightening article and two I think that having an online writing partnership is a great tool that should be used far more often in the classroom. Before […]

  We have all had that feeling. The feeling of embarrassment. The feeling of discouragement. The feeling of defeat. It is that moment when you get your paper back and it looks like a red pen broke and its’ ink spilled all over it. Your eyes scan the pages and the comments are all about […]

I went to bed well before midnight on Nov. 8. Despite Donald Trump’s lead at that point, I still expected to wake the next morning to the first woman president. Instead, I woke up to a FaceTime call from one of my best friends and teammate at 2 a.m. “Kara, Trump won. He really won, Kara,” Moriah […]

Over the last few weeks I have taken a plethora of tests-mostly PRAXIS and mostly requiring writing in some form. This testing has caused me to reflect on how to deal with writing in regards to standardized tests with students. In the classroom, it is easy to tell students that it is about the process […]

I talked to a middle-school science teacher with twenty years of experience over the weekend while I was at a state tennis tournament in Hilton Head. I asked her several questions about what being a teacher is like as well as how she makes biology interesting for her students. She told me that she always […]

I’ve been thinking lately about the idea of trust in a classroom.  My little brother (well, he’s not little I guess anymore at fifteen years old and six-foot-three) just got his driver’s permit a couple of weeks ago.  Of course, he said he didn’t study for the test and only missed three, and of course […]

A decided to sit down and write my post and I had really had trouble thinking of something to write about. I almost gave up or the time and then I saw ” translate as you go” on the top of the screen and I just started thinking of all the things I have […]

In the course of this class, I think we’ve established that different contexts make for different ways of writing. My word choice, style, and tone will be vary depending on whether I’m writing in my journal, texting my mom, or drafting an academic paper. As writers, we recognize what is required of us in these […]

This week we had our first student-taught lesson presented to us, and since then I have been thinking a lot about the art of teaching. Through the process of planning my own lesson plan, I have realized that teaching is not as easy as it looks. Many teachers make the act of teaching look easy […]