Every teacher gets an ansy feeling when their lesson includes some form of technology. There is always that burning question of will the technology work for the students, or will the students understand the lesson if technology is being used. Most of the time, teachers use the students typing a paper to be considered using […]

I know many teachers and future teachers who do not allow or will not allow much technology in their classrooms due to the issues that it has and can create. Technology can easily be distracting instead of engaging and can also fail on the teacher and student in ways that writing in hand cannot. Personally, […]

We live in a society that is overrun with technology. Now depending on your point of view, this can be a positive or a negative thing. From an educational standpoint, it can be seen both ways. Technology opens all kinds of doors. Students have billions of information at their fingertips, they can instantly share work […]

Throughout my career as a student, I’ve always been told by authority figures – whether it be parents, teachers, or even an older sibling- that my cell phone would distract me from my learning, and that it was meant to be a device which would be unfavorable to becoming a better writer. After reading this […]

I wanted to express my feelings on the thought that we spoke about in class that had to do with the fact that there is not a lot of writing, simply, for the sake of writing going on in in the world. When we first spoke about it, I sort of questioned whether or not […]

When I was in high school we were not required to have iPads for all of our classes and schoolwork, to be honest, I can’t even remember being allowed to bring a laptop from home to use during class. Most of my teachers believed that technology was distracting in the classroom and if it was […]

Writing is creating pictures through words and language. We dump memories and metaphorical pictures and feelings and our life schema into a page- totally taking it for granted. And when people read those words, we transfer a piece of our brain into theirs. And theirs into ours when the situation is flipped. We can momentarily […]

Writing papers in high school never prepared me for any of the papers i received in college. In high school teachers are more lenient  towards grammatical errors and look to see if you reached the length requirement. Most teachers didn’t even read to see if the paper was well developed and If I️t had a […]

At one time or another we’ve all had to edit somebody else’s paper or essay. Maybe a friend asked you for advice, or maybe as part of a class you had to comment on another student’s work. Whatever the occasion and whoever was the writer, you probably found that editing was a pretty hard task. […]

As the semester comes to a close, we find ourselves in a time crunch. With six different major papers and writing assignments looming over my head, I am finding that my personal writing process going to require some revamping if I am to make it out alive with my GPA intact. It’s not that I […]