As the semester is wrapping up and starting to close down I have found myself thinking about how writing is taught/assessed in different classes. In this class I have found that we have focused a lot on how important the process of writing is, especially revision. I love that we have focused on that, because […]

While listening to everyone teach in the class, most of us incorporated creative writing into our lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative writing lessons because it pushed me to creatively write, more. Throughout this semester, this class has definitely challenged my writing abilities. At first, I knew that writing was not something that I loved […]

As I build my portfolio I keep turning through my notebook in hopes of finding answers. Throughout the semester I dutifully printed out every article, highlighted topic sentences or interesting points, and scribbled notes in the margins. Although it is not the eco-friendly solution, I have always found that hard copy articles have been more […]

Growing up, I have always been teased on my southern accent, especially in middle school. Reading passages during English class was enough of a struggle when pronouncing words, but taking foreign language classes brought a new level of difficulty.  Despite my long drawl, my writing was immaculate according to my English teachers who seemed surprised […]

Writing 350 was my first writing class at Winthrop University, and I can say I was pleasantly surprised with how the class was handled. In the beginning of the semester, I expected to walk in to a classroom with a professor that demanded a number of argumentative papers, assessments, and a major research paper which […]

After finishing my problem paper, for ENGL 530, on specific grammatical differences in AAVE in contrast to Standard English and what teachers should do to incorporate it into the classroom, I decided I was upset and I wanted to blog about it. My anger does not stem from the fact that I had to write […]

As we are working on our portfolios and comparing our drafts to our finals, you can see a major difference within your writing from the beginning of the semester till now. With my rough draft of my belief statements, I can see that my definition of writing has changed after taking this course. For example, […]

As we reach our last full week of classes this semester, we may feel a bit overwhelmed with the weeks to come, but I think we should take time to appreciate all the work that we have achieved over the last 13 weeks. We survived countless assignments and tests on the same day, sleepless nights […]

This class has truly been a breath of fresh air for me. Instead of worrying about tests, quizzes, and copious papers, I was able to focus on actually learning, reflecting, and applying what I have been taught in Writing 350. This class has opened my eyes to various styles and methods in order to evolve […]

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I practically live out of my giant messy tote bag. Pocketless, reversible, the size of a small elephant, it holds everything I might need for class, keys, wallet, snacks, various creative outlets, electronics, and occasionally loose papers and spare clothes should I need […]